The struggle is unique

The story behind the strugglE

Struggle Bus comes to you from the fine folks at the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.

Allow us to explain.

For more than a century, Brushy was the last stop for Tennessee’s most wayward souls. In 2012, the prison closed down with a century of history and mystery behind it, and exciting possibilities in its very near future. A couple of entrepreneurial buddies from Chattanooga decided to bring Brushy back.

Today, Brushy is a thriving museum, a popular concert venue, and home to a world-class distillery right on the prison grounds. After failing to find the perfect mix to pair with Frozen Head Vodka, the founders (each one a Bloody enthusiast) decided to create the best tasting Bloody Mary mix the world had ever known.

The rest, as they say, is history.

a Distillery like no other

The spirits and cocktail mixers of the Brushy Mountain Distillery bring craft quality to everyday people. Every sip comes with a taste of Brushy’s rich history, a deep respect for the natural wonder of east Tennessee, and the honest-to goodness goodness that only comes from dealing with local farms, fresh water, and the belief that a good drink can turn complete strangers into old friends.

Just Why IS the Struggle so Delicious?


After searching high and low, our Bloody Mary-loving team has found plenty — and we mean plenty — of mixes that we could drink, but none that we could love. That’s why we decided to create a product that would not only satisfy our high expectations but also turn skeptics into fellow Bloody Mary lovers.


From mild to wild to wow, our three flavor profiles ensure everyone’s invited to our delicious party. Each mix starts with tangy, savory tomato as the foundation, then dials up heat, smoke, & tang to fit every palate. Each one is perfectly balanced right out of the bottle or easily customized by adventurous mixers.


Great drinks bring people together. While we crafted every delicious detail of our mixes, we never wanted our brand to feel arrogant or exclusive. From the name to the design to the price point, Struggle Bus is friendly, funny, and casual.
Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix makes for incredible cocktails at any hour.

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