August 6, 2021


Oyster Shooters

Level of Struggle: Easy

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Cook Time:


Oysters are amazing. They have shells. They make pearls. They hang out at the beach all day, sort of. And you can straight up eat them raw.

Most importantly, oysters are delish.

You know what makes already delicious oysters even deliciouser?

That's right. Struggle Bus.

And vodka.

And a little lemon.

And...well, just do this:

Ingredients — 

  • 12 oysters 
  • Smoky Horsey Struggle Bus Mix
  • your favorite vodka
  • hot sauce
  • lemon
  • cracked pepper

Directions —

1. Place one oyster in a shot glass.

2. Mix 1 1/4 oz of vodka and 1/2 oz of Struggle Bus, squeeze of lemon, splash of hot sauce and a dash of cracked pepper into a mixing glass with ice. 

3. Shake mixture and strain into shot glass with the oyster. Repeat with remaining oysters. 

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